About Us

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Your comfort and ease comes first for us. Plan your holy journey with us.

In the UK, tourism industry is saturated. Same is the case when it comes to Hajj and Umrah tours. The only problem although is that majority of the tourism companies will either give you premium services at high costs or give you less than ordinary experience at cheap rates. Understanding the concerns of Muslims in the UK who want to experience excellent quality and not compromise on their experience without spending all of their hard-earned money, Makkah Dreams was founded.


Been operating in the UK for more than 10 years, we have been successful in earning a reputation for ourselves in the local market. Our customers put their trust in us and we give them the best of services and tour experience for Hajj and Umrah. Most of the people do Hajj and Umrah only once in their life, which makes it even more important that your experience is splendid and you are not surrounded by issues to take care of.


When you choose us, you get to have your entire Hajj and Umrah package planned, right from the ticket bookings to hotel accommodations and even in-city transport. The best thing is we offer the cheapest rates in the UK to our customers without sacrificing on the quality or the experience.


Our Vision

To enjoy unprecedented trust and respect in the local Hajj and Umrah market in the United Kingdom.


Our Mission

We promise to each of our customer travelling with us that they will be provided with the best of services at cheapest rates possible in the UK.


Once we have become your tourism partner, you will not have to plan anything on your own. We personalize Hajj and Umrah plans for our customers to give you maximum flexibility. Our expert travel agents and customer representatives are always available on your beck and call to answer all your queries.


Let us know your plans and we will find the best options for you.